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Laser Detector Jammer - Blinder Compact Range

Laser detector jammers are about to supercede radar detectors in a big way as the main method of defence against a speeding ticket. With the rise in popularity and decrease in cost of laser speed measuring systems, radar detectors will soon become a costly hood ornament. Only a Laser Jammer will be able to give you enough time to react and slow down!

With advances in speed detection, there have also been advances in laser detectors. The BLINDER laser detector/jammers use powerful sensors that can detect the use of laser guns far off in the distance. Within a few milliseconds BLINDER can identify the incoming signal, the number of pulses per second and identify through the use of a lookup table the correct counter signal, sending back a mimicking laser signal designed to confuse and nullify any speed reading

How do Laser Detectors Work?

Laser At The Speed of Light

Well most people don't know that speed detection technology has moved on in leaps and bounds over the past 25 years to where it is today. Laser is the new kid on the block and it is a powerful tool for law enforcement. Laser guns right out of "Star Wars" are now being used by Police the world over to enforce the speed limits.

A laser speed gun measures the round-trip time for light to reach a car and reflect back. Light from a laser speed gun moves a lot faster than sound -- about 984,000,000 feet per second (300,000,000 meters). A laser speed gun shoots a very short burst of infrared laser light and then waits for it to reflect off the vehicle. The gun counts the number of nanoseconds it takes for the round trip, and by dividing by 2 it can calculate the distance to the car.

Laser Gun, speed Guns, LIDAR devices - blinder compact

Lidar laser speed gun on a tripod for accurate aiming.

If the gun takes 1,000 samples per second, it can compare the change in distance between samples and calculate the speed of the car. By taking several hundred samples over the course of a third of a second or so, the accuracy can be very high.

The advantage of a laser speed gun (for the police anyway) is that the size of the "cone" of light that the gun emits is very small, even at a range like 1,000 feet (300 meters). The cone at this distance might be 3 feet (1 meter) in diameter. This allows the gun to target a specific vehicle. A laser speed gun is also very accurate. The disadvantage is that the officer has to aim a laser speed gun -- normal police radar with a broad radar beam can detect doppler shift without aiming.

Laser "coalescent light" is unlike normal light because it doesn't spread out in all directions. A laser beam 5mm wide sent from the earth to the moon will only spread a foot or so by the time it reaches the moon. LIDAR speed guns and speed cameras aren't that good, but the spread is rather small as mentioned above.

LIDAR Pro Laser 2

LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is an optical remote sensing technology that measures properties of scattered light to find range and/or other information of a distant target. The prevalent method to determine distance to an object or surface is to use laser pulses. Like the similar radar technology, which uses radio waves, the range to an object is determined by measuring the time delay between transmission of a pulse and detection of the reflected signal.

Blinder Laser Jammer software


  • The speed reading "can" be much more accurate under "ideal" conditions. It is "claimed" that the narrow beam makes target verification more certain than with radar.
  • Laser systems that scan the target area can identify target vehicles and map the area almost as well as a black & white photo. The Lasers used by enforcement authorities in Australia operate on a frequency of 904 nanometers.
  • Laser can obtain an accurate speed reading over much greater distances in normal traffic compared to radar.
In the states and territories of Australia, Laser Speed Guns have replaced most hand-held radar guns for stationary "point-and-shoot" speed traps. By the end of 2010 Western Australia will use LIDAR xclusively with 30 LIDAR speed cameras replacing the out dated Multanova's.


  • The officer has to aim a laser speed gun. With radar on the other hand, aiming isn't that critical.
  • Without a tripod the device can be difficult to aim over long distances.
  • "Side Slip" (shooting down the side of the car) can give false speed readings. Usually fixed by the use of a tripod.

Stealth & Jammers

There is little point to using a laser jammer if the moment your jammer is activated, it causes a "Gun Being Actively Jammed" response on the Police Laser Speed Gun. For sure if this happened you would be stopped. Some Laser Jammers do cause Jamming Codes to appear on the Police Laser Gun. However, with the BLINDER Compact Range you can drive with confidence knowing that this will not occur.

How is this possible? I here you ask. Well the BLINDER mimics the same signal that is put out by the laser gun. This is no small feat considering that the BLINDER must detect the laser signal and then compute an exact response in less that a few milliseconds.

The Laser Gun then becomes convinced that there is no target vehicle. Naturally, it might become a little suspicious if the laser gun signal was jammed for more than a few seconds, so you can either reduce speed and turn off the BLINDER or have the unit deactivate automatically after a few seconds. (These settings can be adjusted with the use of the BLINDER Software and a computer.)

As new Police Laser Guns and Speed Cameras come into use in Australia and New Zealand, you can be sure that your BLINDER will stay current. All you need to do is download the updated software patch and using a desk-top computer or laptop, upgrade the CPU firmware so that it can recognise the Laser Signature of the new device. This in effect "future proofs" you BLINDER against expensive upgrades that you may need for other brands of jammer.

SPECIAL NOTE - BLINDER systems are built to jam police laser guns and laser speed cameras. However you do need to be intelligent about the way you use your laser jammer. If you're targeted by a police officer the buzzer inside the car will alert. Slow down, drop to the posted speed limit, and then shut off the jammer.